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About me

I possess over 13 years of extensive experience across diverse industries, encompassing telecommunications, IT, banking, robotics, and academia.

My educational background is rooted in Control Engineering and Robotics, and I achieved a PhD with honors in Robotics.

My career began in Software Configuration Management, where I found my love for helping people create better processes and useful products. This discovery changed the direction of my career.

In 2010, I started learning about Scrum and Agile mindset, which still influence my work today. In my work, I am constantly looking for lightness, efficiency and a focus on value.

Currently, I wear multiple hats as a Professional Scrum Trainer, Business & Learning Coach, and Consultant. My overarching mission is to make a positive impact on both individuals and organizations, while consistently striving to provide the most exceptional learning experiences possible.

I leverage a variety of techniques, including traditional training, immersive classes, mentoring, coaching, and consulting, to help achieve this mission.

Latest blogs & vlogs

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The class was amazing - helpful and understanding
Kinga Kocięba
The teaching and interactions made the class and easy class to follow with very good information of SCRUM.
Chris Moreno

“One of the best learning experiences I've had. The course was spread over a few consecutive weeks, giving us a chance to reflect about what we have learned. The teacher (Joanna) was guiding us through the material, asking meaningful questions and sharing real life stories that made me remember the theory even better. The class was conducted in a pleasant pace and Joanna made sure we understand everything well. Bonus coaching and collaboration sessions were provided for free. I can only recommend.”

Marcin Koziol

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Agile Kata Professional Level 1
Professional Scrum Trainer
Professional Scrum Product Backlog Management Skills
Professional Scrum Facilitation Skills
Professional Scrum with User Experience I
Professional Scrum with Kanban I
Professional Agile Leadership - Evidence-Based Management
Professional Agile Leadership I
Scaled Professional Scrum
Professional Scrum Developer I
Professional Scrum Product Owner III
Professional Scrum Product Owner II
Professional Scrum Product Owner I
Professional Scrum Master III
Professional Scrum Master II
Professional Scrum Master I

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