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Płaskonka, Ph.D.

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About me

I possess over 13 years of extensive experience across diverse industries, encompassing telecommunications, IT, banking, robotics, and academia.
My educational background is rooted in Control Engineering and Robotics, and I achieved a PhD with honors in Robotics.

My career began in Software Configuration Management, where I found my love for helping people create better processes and useful products. This discovery changed the direction of my career.
In 2010, I started learning about Scrum and Agile mindset, which still influence my work today. In my work, I am constantly looking for lightness, efficiency and a focus on value.

Currently, I wear multiple hats as a Professional Scrum Trainer, Business & Learning Coach, and Consultant. My overarching mission is to make a positive impact on both individuals and organizations, while consistently striving to provide the most exceptional learning experiences possible.
I leverage a variety of techniques, including traditional training, immersive classes, mentoring, coaching, and consulting, to help achieve this mission.

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I partner with leading training and consulting firms to deliver valuable outcomes and exceptional learning experiences to organizations and individuals worldwide.

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My services cover the needs of individuals and organizations, including:

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Whether you have a question, a suggestion, or just want to say hello, I'm here to listen.
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Agile Kata Professional Level 1
Professional Scrum Trainer
Professional Scrum Product Backlog Management Skills
Professional Scrum Facilitation Skills
Professional Scrum with User Experience I
Professional Scrum with Kanban I
Professional Agile Leadership - Evidence-Based Management
Professional Agile Leadership I
Scaled Professional Scrum
Professional Scrum Developer I
Professional Scrum Product Owner III
Professional Scrum Product Owner II
Professional Scrum Product Owner I
Professional Scrum Master III
Professional Scrum Master II
Professional Scrum Master I

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