Action Learning

Coaching for Learning and Effective Problem-Solving

When training alone isn‘t sufficient to address the challenges within your team or company, it‘s time to explore alternative options. I offer an innovative Action Learning method, where as a Coach I work in the form of meetings with a group of people on an important, urgent, complex problem, and in the process we look for breakthrough solutions and learn at the same time.

What distinguishes us is our focus on practical challenges with direct relevance to you, your team, and your organization, as opposed to theoretical problems.

Action Learning offers a range of opportunities:

  1. Tackling a Single Crucial Problem: We provide one or several sessions dedicated to a specific challenge, enabling us to identify effective solutions.
  2. Addressing Multiple Individual Problems: Participants bring their unique issues to the table, and we collectively work on solving several problems. This approach allows us to form developmental groups for managers, leaders, and experts. Through these interactions, we enhance our business and professional efficiency, refine our communication skills, and foster better collaboration with others.

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